GE GSM2200NWW Spacemaker White Under-the-Sink Dishwasher

5 Wash Cycles TouchTap & Dial Controls

5 Wash Cycles TouchTap & Dial Controls

The GSM2200NWW is another sleek and stylish dishwasher from GE that comes packed with a variety of features including five wash cycles and Touch and Tap dial controls. The white exterior is very clean in a built-in configuration for easy installation.

Interior Features
  • The GSM2200NWW houses the impressive array of features, including the rack system and the four level powerscrub wash system. The latter involves the redesigned arms direct with precision, virtually eliminating the rinsing, presoaking and prescrubbing. It works with the advanced filtration system which reduces the re-depositing the soils on the dishes. The hot rinse temperature helps provide great cleaning results and assists in the convection process for faster drying.
  • The unit is capable of accomodating 12 place settings. The Deluxe silverware basket provides for a convenient space for efficient cleaning of silverware and the rack material is made of nylon so that there are no scratches on your plates and glassware.
  • The unit comes with various features for more convenience in dishwashing such as the rinse aid dispenser, water filtration and water heating. There are five wash features and a hard food disposer.You also have a water heater that uses hot water to remove bacteria and germs.
  • Enjoy quiet performance with the QuietPower motor which operates quietly and efficiently, working with the quiet water valve to lessen sound production.

    Exterior Features

  • The unit sports the spacemaker upper rack design which allows the unit to be installed under the sink to maximize available kitchen space. The control panel is located above the door and contains the control knobs.
  • The white standard door is simple, easy to clean. Although the door is standard the white finish allows you to install this dishwasher in any kind of kitchen.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches


  • The unit is very durable. The durable tub is partly responsible for the longer life of the GSM2200NWW. Inside the tub you have the rack. The top rack is at a good height for making sure that you can accomodate larger items.
  • The unit comes is very quiet, not silent. Even without a stainless steel tub the unit is still pretty quiet.
  • There is plenty of room inside, and the racking system provides for easy organization.
  • Dishes come out well-rinsed.
  • Washing cycles are short and plates come out clean.


  • There is no electronic display which would have made setting the programs easier.
  • There is no child lock, although this is not a problem if you do not have kids around the house.
  • The unit is not made of stainless steel interior which could be responsible for the tub breaking down more often than expected.
  • The drying times may be a bit long. Convection heating is often not enough to bring the plates out moisture free.


  • durable unit
  • interior accomodates larger items
  • quiet unit
  • plenty of room inside
  • dishes come out well-rinsed
  • racks provide for easy organization
  • washing cycle is short
  • plates always come out clean


  • no electronic display
  • no child lock
  • drying time is a bit long

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