GE GSM2200NWW White 24 Inch Under the Sink Dishwasher

Eco Options Single Drawer

Eco Options Single Drawer

The GSM2200NWW comes in an elegant white finish and a revolutionary design that allows it to be fitted right under your sink. It comes with an Energy Star option and an eco wash option that allows the user to save on costs as the machine uses less water than regular washers. It also has a power scrub wash system that removes food residue from the plates more efficiently.

Interior Features
  • The machine’s drawer was designed in a standard height which is convenient to use. Users will have no trouble stacking the dishes inside. Users can choose from five different cycles in order to attain the cleanliness of the dishes no matter what state they are in. The basket within the drawer is removable which makes it easier to put in the dishes.
  • The machine has a filtered water option that assures the user that the water used is clean. It also comes with a heated dry option.

    Exterior Features

  • The white finish is an elegant touch to a fully functional machine. The non-integrated door design allows for customizable door settings. The door swings open fully and latches shut when in use.
  • This washer has the basic electro-mechanical control panel that has dials, switches and buttons, making it easier for the user to adjust settings and choose wash cycles. This is a convenient way for the user to choose which cycles to use and what time they should start.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 ¾ Inches
    Height: 35 Inches
    Width: 24 Inches


    It has the spacemaker rack feature that allows ease and convenience in stacking dishes. The basket is easily removed from the drawer in order to allow the user to properly stack the dishes in the basket before letting them be washed.

    The machine has a cycle that is adapted for washing pots and pans. This is ideal since pots and pans will naturally have more grease and food residue that is more difficult to remove. The machine also has a heated dry option that comes in handy.


    The product has a limited one year warranty and does not have the basic features of other washers. It does not allow for quick washes and rinses and also does not have an interior light. The machine also does not have a high water temperature feature which makes it difficult to remove some caked grease.

    There are no special racks for silverware and cups, which makes them get washed in with the rest of the dishes. The basket is removable but not adjustable, making it more difficult to arrange the dishes in the rack.


  • eco wash options
  • energy star
  • White finish
  • space maker racks
  • calrod heater
  • quiet water valve
  • quiet power motor
  • deluxe silverware basket
  • 4 level power scrub
  • PermaTuf liner
  • Piranha hard food disposer
  • self-cleaning filtration system
  • cycle progress indicator dial
  • heated dry option
  • under the sink style
  • sleek design
  • easy to use unit
  • front controls
  • rinse aid
  • four touchpads
  • affordable and easy to buy


  • no racks for China
  • no high temperature wash

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