GE Model DMR78 under the Samsung label

by J. Roberts
(Mesa, AZ USA)

THIS PRODUCT SUCKS! Bought it at Best Buy Signal Butte Store in Mesa, AZ. The machine died after 4 months and was considered not repairable (parts not available) by 2 repair companies, one from Samsung and one from Best Buy. Samsung initially said they would issue a Return Authorization number to Best Buy for a refund or exhcange. Since 9/14/09 they have been giving us a runaround. Best Buy seemed like they would help at first; now they are saying that they can't afford to take a loss on this machine. So we are out +$800.00!

DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG DISHWASHER, OR ANYTHING ELSE FOR THAT MATTER, SINCE THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. BEST BUY SUCKS TOO. We have been good customers for over 10 years at Best Buy. I bought a Samsung fridge in 2004, which I love, and that's why I bought the microwave and dishwasher from Samsung, not knowing that it was made by GE! How tragic for me.

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