GE Model GDWT160R10SS

by John Leake
(Blacksburg, VA)

I ordered a GE dish washer with free shipping and delivery. It is huge compared to the one I took out. I installed it and cranked it up. It has no vent in the door at all. The entire front of the washer is stainless steel as is the tub. It is so quiet when running that you have to hold your ear close to the door to hear a gentle whirring sound. The only time you can really hear that something is happening is when it pumps out. The pump out line connects to the garbage disposal casing. You can hear the water running inside of the disposal casing as it exits via the sewage system. No louder than filling a glass with water.

It is, in my opinion, a fantastic machine. Well thought out from the engineering point of view and it is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It is GE model number GDWT160R10SS.

There is no comparison between the old machine and the GE machine. Also, the new machine cost me the same as the Frigidaire.

It is my understanding that the machine can dry without having a vent in the door by circulating the heated moisture laden air inside the washing cavity. The moist air contacts the dishwashers cooler stainless steel sides and condenses and the condensate runs down into the sump area.

Whatever they are doing, it works.

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