GE Nautilus #GSD2200G02BB

by Jessica
(Belleville, MI)

My dishwasher is an average dishwasher compared to others I've used. It has two wash options, pots and pans and normal wash. I usually just wash on normal. There is always a bit of water left on some dishes in which I find little particles settled on the dishes.

I've learned to live with it although it can be quite annoying to take out just cleaned dishes to rewash them because of these particles I've found. Another option it has is to turn the heated dry on or off. I prefer to leave it on but for some reason, when I turn the dishwasher on, sometimes the heated dry turns itself off.

I have no idea why. The cycle that the dishwasher runs on is: start, short wash, rinse only (heat off), plate warmer (heat on). This dishwasher has been reliable since I've been using it. We live in an apartment and have only been here about two and an half months so far. It washes good except for the particle problem that I live with but otherwise is fine.

I have seen no leaks or heard any wierd noises coming from the machine. I would say for the age of this machine, it serves us well.

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