GE Nautilus GSD3200-J00WW

by Pam

Compromise was the mission when choosing the dishwasher that would be installed in the kitchen of my new home. I would have loved to have an extra large capacity dishwasher, but space prevented this from being an option.

In comes my GE Nautilus GSD3200-J00WW.

This dishwasher fits my needs well and my cabinet perfectly. I should probably note that the reason I chose the GE brand is because my other major appliances where GE and I need them to match.
This dishwasher is sufficient in size. There are a couple of larger items that will not go inside the, but most everything fits fine. We are a family of four and generally I can run one the dishwasher one time a day and that does the job. If we have been entertaining or if we are home all day, like on the weekends, I may have to run it once or twice more.

This dishwasher includes a pots and pans cycle as well as a normal wash cycle. Other options include high temperature option and a heated dry option. Included in the cycles is an option for a hot start, normal wash, short wash, rinse and plate warmer. This dishwasher consists of two racks and one caddy to hold flatware.
As of yet I have no complaints of this dishwasher.

I have had it for over a year now and so far it has preformed well. I am hoping that I will continue to receive good service from this dishwasher and that it will lasts for many more years.

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Dec 21, 2013
Not By Choice
by: Anonymous

This dishwasher came with our new home 8 years ago. My comments are consistent with someone else's; this machine is loud, it does not clean well even when loaded properly, and now because it has a cheap coating of epoxy over underlying metal, the racks are starting to deteriorate and are falling apart. Waste of my mortgage payment.

Aug 11, 2012
Water wont start
by: Anonymous

This dishwasher, GSD3200, was supplied in the last 2 homes I have purchased. Both units would not start pumping water on initial start up. This problem was worse when weather was colder outside. After talking to several experts thay stated this model was known for this issue. It has to do with the water pump seal shrinking when dry and worse when seal is cold.

Their remedy was to pour a cup of hot water into bottom of tub, let set for a minute, then start the washer. A new pump wil not fix this.

I will be replacing this unit with a Maytag or Whirlpool product. I have had numerous issues with all GE appliances over the years, incl several refridges and this known ongoing, non resolved issue with their dishwashers. I will not purchase any GE appliance and have not for years.

Feb 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

I've had this dishwasher for 6 years now and it does not do a good job. It is LOUD and doesn't clean well. Sometimes even the dish washing tablet is still in the compartment when the load is supposed to be done. How does it clean if the tablet is still there???

Jun 29, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have had this dishwasher for 6 years now and so far it is still going great . I would definately buy ge again

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