The dishwasher that I have is pretty good. well it hasn't broken down on me yet. The dishwasher is a performer in its own right. The compartments really does handle all of my utensils and pots and pans and all my dishes that accumulate in these house. The item was a wise decision on my part.

I have been able to fit the grills that go on the top of the counter top and all of my dinner dishes and my utensils and pot and pans. I was able to fit all of that in there.

And I was able to close it. So with that am am happy with my dishwasher and its effectiveness with the cleaning of everything i throw in to it. I mean no hating on the detergent and its part in the whole washing experience. But the machine, and its ability of the get the job done it is a real plus. The dishwasher does make noise, but not a lot of noise.

It is not at the level that you are like "omg I cant sleep" kind of noise. It is okay. On the noise o meter. And for the record it even has the energy settings. To help you save money and save energy.

Then there is the settings for the drying and the pots and pans. So cool. they are really effective. And I am a settings kind of person.

I have to have a variety of how the machine will be completing the task at hand. You know, not to have all that sticking left on mess. And with this machine I really do not have to worry about this issue because it gets the job done. On so many levels. It also steams the dishes. So it actually is a good buy if I do say so myself. and for me to say that is really big.

I am going to end this little note with a piece of me, of course get yourself one of these. This machine is a smart one to have in your kitchen. so i'm really ending this now. okay. thanks for the eyes.

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