GE PDW1800NBB Profile 18" Black Built-in Dishwasher

 7 Wash Cycles 3-Stage Filtration

7 Wash Cycles 3-Stage Filtration

The PDW1800NBB is one of the units that is known for its energy efficiency and its stylish build. The unit comes star-rated with the various dishwashing cycles such as Speedwash and air dry. With its classic black finish, the unit blends easily with the rest of your kitchen appliances.

Interior Features
  • The unit comes with a bright annealed stainless steel interior, which is responsible for giving it a lustrous finish that is resistant to stains and rust. The door liner is also made of stainless steel. The unit is also fitted with a racking system that includes the standard silverware basket, two plastic utility shelves, and upper and lower racks made of nylon.
  • The dishwashing drying features include the Calrod heater for effective drying of dishes. Other features for effective dishwashing include the varied dishwasher cycles and the dishwasher options. You can choose among dishwashing cycles from normal wash, rinse only, heavy, light to speedwash and air dry. The unit sports the Delay start option with 1-24 hour countdown. The speedwash cycle saves your washing time by washing dishes faster. You can also choose the glasses cycle which gently washes glassware. The Air dry cycle washes lightly-soiled dishes without a heated dry.
  • The unit comes with a number of racking options for excellent organization of dishes. It sports the nylon towerless racking system and comes with a standard silverware basket and two plastic utility baskets. For quiet operation, the unit is fitted with the quiet package with a sealed toe kick and a tub collar rim.

    Exterior Features

  • The exterior is 18" wide and sports a black finish. Controls are located on the upper portion of the unit. The control type is fully integrated and electronic, with three push buttons. The controls are hidden to give the unit a sleek look inside the door's top edge
  • The unit has levelling legs which are useful for adjusting the height of the unit. The levelling legs are optional. The door liner is made of stainless steel.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 inches
    Height: 32 inches
    Width: 18 inches


  • The unit is compact, very easy to install and move around. This is perfect for small spaces like apartments or condos.
  • For a portable unit this one has amazing capacity. You
  • The black finish absorbs any dirt or smudge.
  • Unit cleans efficiently, very good at removing stubborn stains


  • The air dry cycle leaves much to be desired. Plates come out still wet.
  • The unit tends to break down easily, especially the electronic controls.
  • The sound package is not very effective. The unit still makes noise especially when the base is not levelled.
  • Some users complain that some dishes come out with residue. The unit also seems to have a problem giving silverware and glassware a thorough clean.
  • There is no sanitary wash cycle which is extremely useful in cleaning very dirty plates.


  • great look and design
  • compact and portable
  • cleans efficiently
  • good at removing stubborn stains
  • easy to use digital controls
  • good economy in drying


  • air dry cycle not very good
  • breaks down easily
  • sound package does not work
  • no sanitary wash cycle
  • plates come out with residue

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