GE PDWF800RWW Profile Stainless Steel Built-inDishwasher

16 Place Settings SmartDispense Technology Energy Star

16 Place Settings SmartDispense Technology Energy Star

The PDWF800RWW is another model in the line of Profile dishwashers by GE. As in any other GE appliance, this model is packed with features that will surely appeal to and benefit a lot of users. For one, water used in washing items using the dishwasher undergoes multiple filtration levels with the PureClean wash system. The filtration process, wherein water goes through five stages of filtration, guarantees that the water used in cleaning actually contributes to thoroughly clean dishes and not just items that look clean. Efficiency is also another quality of this dishwasher as it is Energy Star qualified. This means that this model actually exceeds federal guidelines for energy efficiency. You get a great feeling that you’re using something that works well and uses as little energy and water as possible, saving the environment.

Interior Features
  • The SmartDispense technology is a patented GE innovation that lets you store detergent needed to wash the dishes in a mechanism inside the washer. Up to 47 oz of detergent is stored in the dispensing chute and when needed, the feature automatically dispenses the right amount of detergent at the right time.
  • The Eclipse nylon deep-tiered rack in black looks dramatic as it is durable. This strong material is chosen for your dining and kitchen ware not to get rusted and resist getting damaged as they are securely fastened.
  • The Tall Tub design of the interior is perfect for accommodating even the most awkwardly-shaped and oversized items like long spatulas, wide trays and large pots and pans.

    Exterior Features

  • Other than the default stainless steel finish, there is also a white color finish available as well. The long door and one-Piece color wrap contour design is very stylish as it is functional. The countertop is sleek and hard.
  • The electronic control panel contains 12 touch pads with front controls. Among the featured controls are 3 digit countdown display with 6 cycle progress and indicator status lights to give you peace of mind as you are informed of everything going on in the machine.
  • The upper rack contains a 3 piece silverware basket with cell covers and swivel handle and an extra basket, 2 utility shelves with StemSafe and 2 fold-down tines with 1 multi-position tine. In the lower rack, lower 100 percent fold-down and ball-tipped tines. All racks are Pearlescent Racks, giving you convenience and style.

    Dimension Specifications

    Height: 34 inches
    Depth: 24 3/4 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Total capacity: Up to 16 place settings


  • With 8 wash cycles, the user is assured that there is just the right cycle to any load being placed inside the washer.
  • The dishwasher cycles include Normal Wash, Anti-Bacteria, DeepClean with Steam, SpeedCycle, Plastics, China/Crystal, Rinse Only and Top Rack Only.
  • The DeepClean cycle with Steam Prewash utilizes the powerful properties of steam to help loosen tough stains like hardened food particles and glutinous materials like rice and oatmeal that stick like crazy to your dining ware.
  • The Single Rack Wash selection features is perfect for users who would like to wash only a small load. This cycle uses less water and is perfect for a few items like drinking utensils and slightly soiled silverware.
  • Equipped with a 1 to 24 hour Delay Start with countdown, Automatic HotStart, Heated Dry and Steam PreWash.


  • There is no option to use an automatic cycle that instantly determines the maximum temperature and number of cycles needed to thoroughly rinse items.
  • The price of this unit is a bit higer compared to the average price of dryers.


  • Single Rack Wash selection
  • SmartDispense detergent technology
  • DeepClean cycle with Steam Prewash
  • Eclipse black nylon deep-tiered rack
  • Tall Tub design
  • 8 wash cycles


  • Pricy unit
  • No automatic cycle

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