This a very stylish and sleek looking dishwasher, looks fantastic in my kitchen. It runs quietly and does an amazing job even with dishes that are dirty when loaded. Great trays and compartments to keep all your fine china and silver safe.

The finish on the dish washer is a beautiful stainless steel. I just love the look of it and the ease of cleaning the outer surfaces. It fits so well with my cabinets, oak of the highest quality and this appliance sets off the beauty of the cabinets just perfectly.

My favorite aspect of this dishwasher is the "Smart Dispense" technology- yes, it does solve all the previous problems I've had with dishwashers, dispensing perfectly. It runs quietly and energy efficiently with plenty of choices for heat and cycle length. I am thrilled with the perfect match to all my tough dish washing problems.

Although this model is touted as an energy efficient appliance, the cost of the dishwasher will never outweigh the savings in energy I don't believe. It could take over a decade of use to recoup the extra cost of this unit. I just don't quite believe that you will actually save money in the long run due to the high cost of the unit and the parts and repair.

However, I feel this model is worth the price for the efficiency and ease of use, the excellent cleaning capability and the beauty of the finish. I am totally impressed with this model and love mine!

- runs quietly
- energy efficient
- very stylish

- expensive
- parts and service are also expensive

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