GE Potscrubber 1200 dishwasher

This GE Potscrubber dishwasher is an under the counter model that we had installed when we moved into our house years a few years ago.

The front panel comes is several colors, so we were able to choose a color that best matched our kitchen. This model has a number of different controls that allows us to adjust the washing action as needed. It has a short wash cycle (that we rarely use) a regular cycle, and a longer pot scrubber cycle that we often use when we have let the dishes sit too long.

There is also an energy boost to heat the water if the hot water from your tank is just not hot enough. However, we have a gas hot water heater and have never had to use this feature. The front door of the dishwasher seals tightly and we have never had a leak. The dishwasher itself is thorough in cleaning the dishes. There have been few problems with dishes coming out of the dishwasher dirty once we learned the machine's little quirks and adjusted for them.

For example, like most machines, it is necessary to remember not to stack the dishes too closely together. Also, we have to buy good dishwasher soap and a drying agent – cheap soap will not do. Finally, despite the name, we cannot wash pots in this machine. Any food that is baked on has to be washed by hand.

The potscrubber cycle is good at cleaning dried food, not baked on food. Taking these quirks into account, this dishwasher is effective at cleaning glasses, plates, plastic containers, and flatware.

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