GE Potscrubber 650

by Tetramobile
(Watertown, NY)

I love my dishwasher. It has been around for over 10 years and it’s still kicking butt with all the dirty dishes. I’m not sure what all new features that the dishwashers have nowadays, but I love all the features that this one has.

First of all you can choose whether or not you have the pot scrubber setting or just a regular setting. Sometimes, if I have a bunch of dirty dishes from cleaning, I’ll use one setting on all the glasses and plates and bowls so that it gets everything clean and what not. Then I will load up all of the dirty pans and let the potscrubber setting go on it.

There’s also some great settings like you can choose if you want the heat dry or not. Sometimes that’s a good thing because something don’t really dry that well in the dryer. I’d just rather dry it all by myself. I love the fact that I don’t have to hang around in order to stop the dish washer in the middle of doing it so that I can dry it. I can just let it go through the night and dry them when I wake up.

You’ve got the standard knob thing that you can turn to the different settings that you want. It’s like a washer or dryer knob. ON the inside it’s two levels and the there’s a holder for silverware and what not. That’s always great. I also love the fact that there’s a place where you can put extra soap, just if you want that extra boost. I don’t really use powder soap nowadays, I use all the capsules and what not.

After all these years, it still really cleans my dishes fine and I don’t have any problem with any setting, but I guess I should have to think about getting a new one. It’s going to be another GE like this one.

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May 23, 2009
A reliable, dependable workhorse of a dishwasher
by: Sandy Barrineau

I picked out my GE Potscrubber dishwasher when I bought my Florida home almost 10 years ago. At first, I was a little disappointed as it didn't have the fancy rack system a previous Maytag had. But I have learned to love this dishwasher. It holds tons of dishes AND it gets them CLEAN! It has washed millions of dishes in the past 10 years and I have not had any trouble with it at all... not even one small repair.

One feature I do wish this dishwasher had is a delayed wash timer. I would like to be able to load the dishwasher, then set it to come on after I go to bed. I have an open floor plan, with the kitchen, breakfast room and den all open to each other. If I turn the dishwasher on immediately after finishing with the dinner dishes in the evening, the noise disturbs TV watching. So I put the soap in and have everything ready to go. The only problem is, I have usually gotten sleepy watching TV, and I stumble to my bed. It isn't until the next morning that I realize I still have a dishwasher full of dirty dishes! Bummer!

A feature I really like in this dishwasher is design of the removeable cutlery basket. It holds lots of knives, forks, spoons, beaters, little items, what have you. It's easy to take out to unload the items back into the kitchen drawers.

All in all, I believe the GE Potscrubber has been a reliable, dependable workhorse of a dishwasher and I would recommend it to anyone for value it delivers.

Apr 09, 2009
Simple and is very consistent
by: Erin

The white, compact GE Potscrubber came with my New York City apartment, and I have used it for about two years. It fits well into our small kitchen and is a workhorse for our busy family. It is very reliable, and has not had to be unclogged or serviced in any way during that time we have lived here. We do a load every day, and have had no trouble with it.

This is a basic model that holds a lot of dishes, and cleans well. It does have options for the level of heat, auto dry, and control over the force of the water. It has a removable silverware basket and the top rack can accommodate a full size wine glass. It takes approximately forty minutes to run a cycle without the auto dry function. I do not use the auto dry, because the dishes are hot enough to evaporate much of the water if I open the dishwasher after the cycle.

I use powder soap and jet dry, and have been very happy the results. Although I do tend to pre-rinse most things, I rarely need to send a dish or glass back for a second wash. I often use this to clean pots, pans and crock pots, as well as delicate items like wine classes and plastics.

The only drawback is that the dishwasher is very noisy compared to my previous, newer model in my last apartment. Other than that, I have been just as happy with this dishwasher as my old one.. in fact, this one may actually clean better.

I have been very happy with this machine, and would recommend it to others. I was skeptical of the older model, but is is simple and is very consistent. Many of my neighbors have the same model and like it as well.

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