GE Profie PDW9280J00SS

by Brendan Power
(West Vancouver BC Canada)

This dishwasher has been my worst nightmare. upon having the warrenty expire a rubber component made of the flimsiest material imaginable, split and leaked water all over my floor and into suites below me. it damaged the flooring.

We had the dishwasher repaired and less than two years later the same rubber component split again releasing all water onto the floor and this time totally destroyed our floor. now we have had to move out of the house for two weeks to replace the entire floor.

The response from GE, Home Depot and Mabe Canada, the distributor, was oh so sad and too bad you are out of luck. The warranty is over.

upon a bit of my own digging i find out this dishwasher was recalled. No one contacted me, and apparently i could have been electrocuted or a fire could have occured. Upon contacting the companies again i was told the recall was electrical and not to do with the ever failing rubber component. They offered to send some one to repair the electrical only.

In the USA consumers were offered a rebate or repair but in Canada just a repair! Nice. never again will i buy a GE product. EVER!BP

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