GE Profile Dishwasher PDT750SSFSS

This popular GE Profile dishwasher PDT750SSFSS comes with the latest advanced wash features, adjustable racks and is recognised for its quiet performance.  

Our review makes your search easier as we've scoured the internet and summarized both the key features and customer feedback for this model, right here in one place!

Customer opinions – Advantages and Disadvantages:

The PDT750SSFSS is one of GE’s top-of-the-line of Profile dishwashers. As with most of GE’s higher-end products, it presents the clean lines and unobtrusive style expected from the brand. But on the inside, this model is absolutely packed with high-tech features that are actually pretty user-friendly. It claims to out-perform the competition, and for the hefty price tag, it had better. But does it?

We are happy to see that with the vast majority of consumer reviews we found, buyers were thrilled with this model. People were stunned by the quietness of the PDT750SSFSS. Many people even had to mention that without looking at the read-out of where the washer was in the cycle, they wouldn’t even be able to tell it was on. As expected, there were also plenty of raves about the thorough cleaning the dishes received, thanks to the over 100 washer jets powering out even stuck-on food and grime. And, of course, the stand-out “bottle wash” feature really delivered on both innovation and performance.

The folks at Consumer Reports liked this model so much in fact, that they named it as one of their top dishwasher picks for washing, efficiency, and low dBA, as they provided a brief comparison between this model and the slightly-less expensive GE Café CDT725SSFSS.

We did find a few complaints with the GE Profile Dishwasher PDT750SSFSS among buyers, though. A few (very few) people noted that the cleaning isn’t as good as they were expecting, and some said glassware came out spotty. As with some other GE dishwasher models, there were some complaints of the racks, prongs, and screws (along top of the door) rusted and had to be replaced. It might be worth it to keep in mind that while the interior consists of a stainless steel tub, the racks are nylon.

What does this mean for you?

You can safely expect to be wowed with this GE PDT750SSFSS dishwasher.

The beautiful design will be a benefit to any kitchen, and will provide an instant update for the entire room. The features are indeed borderline science fiction, meant to take the guesswork and hassle out of dishwashing.

But there is that price tag to consider, as well as the probability of some rusting issues down the line.

If you are good with the wear-and-tear factor and the price though, this dishwasher should be a great addition to your home for years to come.

GE Profile Dishwasher Consumer Snapshot


  • Easy to operate
  • One of the quietest models on the market
  • Bottle wash feature
  • Attractive stainless steel design
  • Stainless steel tall tub
  • Can accommodate large plates, pot/pans , and up to 16 place settings
  • Energy Star Rated
  • Lots of flexibility - 7 wash cycles/11 drying options



  • Higher price point
  • No “time remaining” display as is on the GE Café CDT725SSFSS model
  •  Some reports of rusting of racks, prongs, and screws (after wear-and-tear)


GE PDT750SSFSS measurements –

·         34 in x 23 3/4 in x 24 in

Features, as promoted by GE:

·         GE's most advanced wash system with 102 cleaning jets

·         Reversing Quad Blade Wash Arm

·         Bottle Wash Jets

·         Easy Touch Adjustable Upper Rack with 2 Stem Safe Shelves

GE PDT750SSFSS Key Features:

·         Full stainless steel interior

·         Side Jets

·         SUPER quiet 42 dBA

·         Status light on door

·         Hidden Vent with Fan Dry

·         Top control with LCD touchpad display

GE PDT750SSFSS Price Point:

  • $1000-$1300

GE Profile Dishwasher PDT750SSFSS - Further Reading

On the GE website you can find additional images, three feature demo videos, printer friendly specs, the Product Owner’s Manual (PDF), Installation Instructions, Product Specifications Sheet, 2D and 3D diagrams, as well as the Energy Guide.

Other items:

Widely available on the internet, including Amazon, Home Depot, Appliances Connection, AJ     Madison, and Best Buy, among numerous others.


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