GE Profile PDW7800RBB 24" Black Built-in Dishwasher

16 Place Settings, Energy Star, Steam PreWash

16 Place Settings, Energy Star, Steam PreWash

Though the GE PDW7800RBB from the Profile series looks every inch the rebel with its black finish, the built-in dishwasher is actually conscientious with its use of energy. The dishwasher has been given the Energy Star stamp and is able to perform intense cleaning with the help of the steam prewash or not – all at the same time. Packaged in a modern, attractive-looking exterior, the GE PDW7800RBB is a useful kitchen appliance.

Interior Features
  • When a product receives the Energy Star qualification, it receives not only some sort of recognition but it also becomes more sellable to a market that considers energy conservation and money savings as priorities. The GE PDWT400RWW has this Energy Star qualification, which should make it a great purchase.
  • The cleaning capabilities of the GE PDW7800RBB is typical of that of any dishwasher from the Profile series: intense and thorough. The dishes go through the Steam Prewash first to remove extra stubborn grime. Then, they go through intense washing using any of the available 4 cycles. With 4 cycles available, the consumer can choose the strength that best suits the particular load. The water used to wash the dishes goes through a 5-stage filtration for best results. The CleanSensor feature ensures that the dishes do get clean.
  • The Delay Start is anywhere from 1 to 9 hours. This means that the consumer can program the operation up to 9 hours in advance.

    Exterior Features

  • The GE PDW7800RBB has racks that are coated with platinum silver nylon. The materials are very durable and can ensure the security of the dishes that are placed on them during both the washing and drying processes. Two utility shelves are also included to hold fragile items, such as stemware.
  • The black exterior provides a sleek, modern look. It may not be the usual color of white or stainless steel but it is neutral enough to fit into just about any kitchen. Available colors also include bisque, stainless, and white.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 1/4inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Capacity: 16 place settings


  • The GE PDW7800RBB is full of features that help ensure intense and thorough cleaning. Those features, when working together, provide users the assurance of clean, sanitary dishes.
  • Though the dishwasher performs some very intense cleaning, it is able to do so with minimal energy. Marked with the Energy Star stamp, the GE PDW7800RBB is an eco-friendly choice that also sells for less than a thousand dollars in most stores. There are even stores that sell the item for less than $900. The price is affordable, considering that the GE PDW7800RBB is a built-in dishwasher.
  • The racks are durable and safe. The rest of the materials used for the product are durable. The product is made to last. Still, it is backed up by GE's one year limited warranty on parts and labor.


  • The Delay Start cannot program the dishwasher to operate at the exact time each day.


  • attractive
  • energy-efficient
  • focused on effective cleaning
  • made of durable materials


  • delay atart option can still be improved

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