GE Profile PDWF788PSS

by Kristen

I own the GE Profile PDWF788PSS dishwasher. It’s the most fantastic dishwasher I’ve ever owned. Not only does it hold an entire days worth of dishes, but it’s easily customizable for pots, pans, extra glasses, and even extra flatware. Large knives and spatulas can be laid down in the top rack and the flatware basket can be moved around in the bottom rack to better accommodate any pots that I have loaded.

What I like most about it is the various modes that allow me to save water and energy by using the lowest possible setting. I often run it on speed cycle with the pre-wash option selected. It takes a total of fifty minutes but the dishes come out just as clean as if I had run it on the pots and pans cycle.

There is a rotating water sprayer on both the top and bottom of the dishwasher, so no matter where the dishes are, they get very clean. It’s also a very quiet dishwasher. It’s sleek stainless steel surface looks classy, and the digital countdown timer comes in handy when I want to know how long until the dishes are done. The stainless steel is also easy to maintain. I wipe it down every couple of weeks with an all-purpose cleaner and about once a month I rub it with olive oil which helps to repel prints and gives the stainless steel a nice sheen.

Usually after running the dishwasher, I’ll just open it up and let the dishes air dry overnight. That also saves a lot of energy when I avoid the dry cycle.

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