GE Profile PDWT300RWW 24" White Built-in Dishwasher 16 Place Settings Energy Star, SmartDispense Technology

16 Place Settings Energy Star, SmartDispense Technology

16 Place Settings Energy Star, SmartDispense Technology

A consumer should expect nothing less than powerful cleaning despite the Energy Star certification in any of the GE Profile dishwashers. The GE PDWT300RWW comes with all the perks of owning a Profile dishwasher plus the antibacterial selection that makes the dishwasher cycle extra hygienic. For households with babies, this particular model of dishwasher is highly recommended to kill off 99.999% of all harmful bacteria and germs.

Interior Features
  • At the top of the list of the GE PDWT300RWW's best features is the cleaning power that this dishwasher can offer. This model uses steam from the DeepClean cycle to remove the toughest dirt from the dishes. The water also goes through the five stages of filtration, thanks to the PureClean feature. The antibacterial selection provides extra cleaning besides what the previous features mentioned can offer. This selection is recommended when washing utensils that will be used by infants and by people who suffer from sensitive health.
  • The Quiet Package at 51dBA should provide peace and quiet in an otherwise busy environment in the kitchen. The dishwasher's quiet operation is always a welcome convenience feature. Another convenience feature that the GE PDWT300RWW can offer is the electronic controls interface. The controls provide a great look while making usage fairly easy.
  • Energy Star certification proves that the GE PDWT300RWW is energy-efficient. The consumer then saves money on energy bills and even on water and detergent bills. The SmartDispense technology helps the consumer save money on water and detergent because the load will only use the right amount of these resources, nothing more.
  • With 4 cycles and 5 options, most consumers will be content with the GE PDWT300RWW. There will be settings that almost everyone will appreciate and use on their particular loads. The 2/4/8 hour Delay Start also adds to the dishwasher's programmability.

    Exterior Features

  • As with most Profile dishwashers, there is an option for color such as black and stainless steel aside from white.
  • The GE PDWT300RWW has a sturdy rack system that can effectively secure the dishes that will be placed on the racks, which are made of Eclipse black nylon. The upper racks have the two utility shelves that are designed to carry the delicate items, particularly the stemware, as suggested by the StemSafe feature. The racks also contain a silverware basket.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 24 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches
    Capacity: 16 place settings


  • With energy-efficient features and nifty overall design, the GE PDWT300RWW should be able to contribute to the conservation of energy and the savings of the household it belongs to.
  • The options that are offered plus the delay start feature provide the dishwasher with some extent of programmability.
  • Cleaning is effective with this particular dishwasher. There are many features that are geared toward not just taking away the visible grime but also removing the harmful germs and bacteria.


  • The product is a little expensive for its type.
  • Though the GE PDWT300RWW is part of the Profile series, this particular model is among the ones that suffered the most in reviews.

    Consumer Opinions


  • programmable
  • energy-efficient
  • durable
  • cleans fairly well


  • expensive
  • poor ranking

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