GE Profile Quiet Power 7

by Karen
(Bozeman MT)

This dishwasher came with our house and is only a few years old. Nothing on the bottom rack every really gets clean unless you pre-wash it. Even dishes with just grease on them sometimes come out with grease.

Anything on the top comes out with white grit on it even if we use a rinse agent. The wheels kept falling off (fixed that). The bottom grid of the silverware tray is falling apart (fixed with wire to keep silverware from falling through).

We constantly check all the usual suspects, check the sprayers for clogs, make sure nothing is blocking them from spinning. Nope, none of those issues and it still does not get dishes clean. I'm pretty much washing all my dishes by hand now.

I basically use this dishwasher to hide dirty dishes if I don't have time to wash them!!

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