GE Profile White Purchased in 2004

by Damon
(Sandy OR USA)

Bad bad bad.

At first we were very happy with it. It did a great job and was extremely quite.

First thing to go was the control panel. Steam I think ruined the hidden top panel. You can not press buttons on it unless you use a tool to press very very hard after a while. They do not change at all now.

Every 3 months I have to take down the jets and clean them of food debris.. it takes an hour and sometimes I can't get all the stuff out of them. They are hard to clean.

Now the pump is slow.. I have cleaned it and found nothing inside the trap or in the impeller. Just very slow and after a cycle it has 2 inches of standing water in the base. Yuk.

It also drips a bit under neath from the float (water level sensor). Its time for a new one for sure!! and never again will we buy the GE products.

In doing research we found that our model has caused problems with condensation and water could get to the circut board shorting out something and causing a plug to melt.. geeesh..

Never had a worse product and paid near 1000 for it.

Don't follow Alton Brown like we did on this one!! It sucks.

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