GE Quiet Power 3 Dishwasher #GLD4400NCC

by Jim K.
(Milwaukee, Wi.)

We have had the GE Quiet Power 3 for about 5 years now. It did a nice job cleaning the dishes and we had no problem until 2 months ago when it started making some noise during one of the cycles. We think it was the blade, but nothing was hitting it. I just made a loud noise for a short time and then it went away.

Two weeks later, we ran the dishwasher and my wife said that something was burning. I said it was someone cooking on the grill next door. My wife opened the dishwasher and smoke poured out of it. We immediately turned off the switch and had to open all of windows to air out the house. I assume it was the heating element. My wife wants it out of the house, even if it could still be repaired.

It looks like we are out over $500.00 after only 4 years of use. We had a GE electric Stove that started on fire with visible flames on the heating element last year. We won't buy another GE appliance ever again!

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