GE Quiet Power 3

by Jaime Roe
(Peoria, AZ)

We bought a GE Quiet Power 3 last summer at Spencer's TV and Appliance for a great price.

It was a cheaper model, but not bottom of the line. We love our new dishwasher because it is so quiet I can barely tell it is even on! Our last dishwasher was so loud we couldn't talk or watch tv, so this one is awesome! We had it installed and delivered by the store the next day.

I really like the look of it, very sleek. The buttons are easy to use and read. We are a pretty eco- friendly family so I especially enjoy the option to turn off the heated dry, and also the option to have hot water all through the cycle or just part of the time. We use the hot start cycle and leave off the heated dry and hot wash cycle.

The shelves to put the dishes on have great diviers that are just the right size, and the layout is wonderful for getting tons of dishes in. Also it has fold out holders for washing wine glasses! We only run a full load of dishes and we have to run it once a day since we have a family of five.

Our dishes come out looking sparkly clean everytime too. On the inside of the dishwasher door there is a place to add jetdry, which my husband loves to use and it keeps the glasses looking good!

And for all of those who are eco minded, I have read that doing dishes in the dishwasher is more eco- friendly than doing them by hand!

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Jan 08, 2012
Leaves residue
by: Anonymous

My dishwasher is 5 years old and came with the house when we moved in.
The pros are it looks good and fits in very well in a modern kitchen. The noise level is acceptable to me.
Cons are you cannot control the duration of the wash cycle. The machine decides for you a time between 70 to 90 minutes - I dont use the heat cycle.
My main peeve is it doesnt rinse out the dishes on the upper rack well and there is always a detergent residue inside the cups and bowls. Also, the detergent doesnt wash out from the dispenser completely. I fill detergent only to half the cup and I still need to rinse the residue off the cups on the upper tray by hand.

Jan 03, 2012
Poor dishwasher
by: Dave

No power to control panel. Unit is less than 2 years old. Do not purchase this unit!

Feb 03, 2011
Worst Dishwasher ever
by: Anonymous

Is there anything that can be done? The GE Quiet Power 3 shouldn't even be called a dishwasher
as the dishes DO NOT come out clean. It's a lemon for sure. I replaced a 10 year old dishwasher with a GE Quiet Power 3 and now wish I had my old dishwasher back. EXTREMELY BAD DISHWASHER.

May 16, 2010
GE QuietPower3 does not clean
by: Anonymous

I like the control panel and function options, though I wish there was a quick wash option. There is a ten-minute rinse option, which can be handy. The GE QuietPower3 features water sensing that adjusts wash time, presumably based on water clarity or particle count. For mine, this puts a "normal" wash at nearly 70 minutes and a "pots and pans" wash time approaching two hours. My old washer took less than an hour. You are out of luck if you want to change wash modes after the cycle starts. Hitting the "reset" button starts a several-minute drain cycle after which you can then start over.

The door looks pretty good on this (mine is black), but easily shows smudges. My 20-year old dishwasher had a cam-lever latch to easily secure the door. The GE QuietPower3 has a simple latch that requires significant force. The name implies quiet operation. Though not as noisy as my old washer, it is not very quiet during active washing. There are times during the cycle it is very silent.

The lower rack rolls well onto the open door. I really like the flatware basket. It comes in three separable baskets with top doors. In the top doors are slots for the handle end of most flatware. This is useful as it prevents one items from shielding another (i.e. spoons cupping). Larger handled items (including many flatware sets) are too large for these slots. Spatulas, potato-mashers, etc., can be inserted into the baskets by lifting a lid. Also, long handled items can easily prevent the central spray arm from rotating.

The upper rack can be lowered to accommodate larger items, but this lowers the central spray arm that already prohibits washing larger skillets and baking trays in the bottom rack. Also, large items in the top rack can readily block the very small upper spray arm. Because of this, I usually leave the center of the top rack open. Otherwise, the top rack dishes do not rinse well. Also, the top rack rails provide too much rolling resistance. I generally lift the upper rack slightly to reduce friction on the rollers.

The detergent door flips out to open (like a house door). When it opens, it intrudes into the wash tub. This would be fine if they had located it between wash racks. Unfortunately, GE did not perform an adequate design review. If I let the washer run the complete cycle unattended, most of the detergent remains because the door is still mostly closed. So, I must remember to open the main door about 20 or 30 minutes into each use so that the detergent door can fully open. Even then, there is almost always noticeable detergent residue remaining at the end of each cycle. Liquid detergent usually works a little bit better than powder (probably because it can drain out). Also, leaving that corner of the upper rack empty helps to remove detergent. But, even utilizing both of these techniques often leaves detergent residue. Running a half-empty dishwasher does not fare any better. It is simply a very bad design oversight.

Apr 15, 2010
American? More like made in China
by: Still washing my own dishes

This is the worst purchase I have ever made. It has broken 3x in just under 18 months. I have had the repair man out 3x and finally he said that the problem lies within the curcuit board where the control buttons are. It seems that as the dishwasher runs, the heat warps the curcuit board, diabling the cycles--stopping them early or stopping them all together. I am extremely disappointed that this product is on the market. To fix the curcuit board would cost a bundle, and then, it is likely to warp again... So I'm out 450 smackeroos and GE just lost my faith and trust. Bad product and a once happily satisfied customer will NEVER spend money on GE again. An American company can't afford to be this sloppy.

Apr 15, 2010
Doesn't remove food
by: Carolyn MacMonagle

This appliance is about one year old. I have found it to be less than satisfactory. The machine has push mechanisms rather than dials. Consequently, it is impossible to get it to change to a different part of the cycle.

Now, I am looking at a murky sludge on the bottom which looks like coffee grounds. I don't want to risk putting it through a new cycle because it is already not draining and my wood floors in the kitchen are not prepared for a flood.
I called a plumber and he said that because my disposal and sink are draining it is probably the dishwasher.

The machine is not adequate at removing food particles particularly and I usually use dish detergent before I put them in. The only reason I turn the dishwasher on at all is because I want the heating cycle.

I am thoroughly disgusted with this machine!!!

Dec 14, 2009
Quiet Power 3 it really isn't all that quiet
by: Anonymous

- It has the clean light letting people know when the dishes are clean
- It has an alarm when the cycle is done

- Loud

This dishwasher came new with my house when we bought it. It is a good looking dishwasher, clean lines, I also like the front surface which matched the other large appliances in my kitchen. When we bought the house I hoped the previous owners had bought a good dishwasher and not just a cheap one, unfortunately I found, with use, that I was not happy with their choice.

For a dishwasher that is called the Quiet Power 3 it really isn't all that quiet. My living room is connected to my kitchen and I have to turn my TV's volume up to hear over the noise when I run my dishwasher after dinner. I had hoped for a little more power to compensate for it being loud but that isn't the case.

I have problems with getting certain foods off of dishes every time I cook them. The things I do like are all cosmetic features, the clean light letting people know when the dishes are clean. This helps to let my family know that it needs to be cleaned out and the dishes put away.

The other thing I like is the alarm that goes off when the dishwashers drying cycle is done. It is jut another way to help remind people in my home that the dishes need to be finished for the night. I would rate the dishwasher a 2.5 cause it does get most of the dishes clean on a regular basis.

Nov 25, 2009
GE Profile Performance Quiet Power III
by: John Schulte

Had it for a few years and it was awesome until it stopped pumping water due to electronics panel. The service call was $99 and the replacement panel would have been about $300; the tech said it would be better to buy a new unit. Can't justify spending the money on another GE after that.

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