GE Spacemaker GSM1800NBB Black Built-in Dishwasher

by Nicole

3-Stage Clean Filtration Energy Star

3-Stage Clean Filtration Energy Star

Experience convenient dishwashing every time with the GE Spacemaker GSM1800NBB dishwasher. Featuring a stainless steel interior and a durable exterior style, this space saving kitchen essential is definitely a worthy purchase. It is capable of 7 different dishwashing cycles, and comes with a removable upper rack that makes washing larger items easy and convenient.

Interior Features
  • This dishwasher comes in the Spacemaker style, which is perfect for kitchens of all sizes. It also features well-crafted interiors, which looks great and is resistant to stains. The nylon racks are made secure and well-fitted, making them suitable for dishwashing. The racks are designed to be rust-resistant as well, so you don't have to deal with rust stains brought about by long-term use. In order to wash larger items more easily, the upper rack is designed to be removable, for easy adjusting.
  • This dishwasher has a 4-level standard wash system as well as a 3-stage manual clean filtration system. It comes with 7 different dishwasher cycles, from Normal Wash to Heavy Wash to China/Crystal Selection. The China/Crystal Selection has lower temperature features which is better suited for delicate types of china. And if you require heavier duty washing and scrubbing, the Pots and Pans cycle is the ideal dishwashing cycle. Since it is ENERGY STAR rated, you can enjoy better energy savings as well, while keeping all your dishes, pots, and pans squeaky clean all the time.
  • Both the upper rack and lower rack comes in a standard style, and the rack features include a standard basket for silverware and 2 plastic utility shelves. This Spacemaker dishwasher also results in a quiet operation, featuring a Sealed Toe Kick and a Tub Collar Trim. For drying, this dishwasher has a 550w Calrod Heater.

    Exterior Features

  • Along with its Black exterior styling variety, this dishwasher is also available in White and Stainless Steel styles. Its full-length flat door makes this dishwasher easy to fit with the existing cabinetry in your kitchen, and the leveling legs secures this dishwasher better in place.
  • The easy to use controls result in easy dishwashing and its space-saving overall styling makes this dishwasher a perfect kitchen appliance.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/2 inches
    Height: 32 1/2 inches
    Width: 18 inches


    Enjoy a more durable dishwasher, with its excellent exterior finish that is both corrosion-resistant and rust-resistant. With its full-length flat door, complementing your existing kitchen cabinetry is simple and easy. Washing a huge pot? There is no room for any worry as the removable upper rack allows you to accomodate bigger-sized items easily. Wash all your china and delicate crystalware perfectly without having to risk damage with its China/Crystal selection. For quick and gentle drying, the Heat Dry option allows you to dry all your dishes quickly through well-circulated warm air. Enjoy heavy-duty dishwashing even with your dirtiest pots and pans, as the Pots and Pans cycle ensures that the hardest stains are cleaned to perfection.


    This dishwasher does not have a quick wash setting which would have been perfect for faster dishwashing. Unlike other dishwashers which have high temperature settings, ideal for disinfecting and sterilizing, this dishwasher does not have a high temperature option.


  • space saving
  • elegant design
  • simple controls
  • different wash cycles
  • removable racks


  • no quick wash setting
  • no high temperature wash

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    Dec 09, 2010
    by: Nicole

    We purchased this dishwasher along with a few other appliances for a small kitchen remodel.

    My kitchen has some space limitations, so a regular sized dishwasher would not be able to fit. We decided to go with the GE Spacemaker, since it was smaller than a standard size, only 18 inches. This was we would only have to remove one cabinet to get the dishwasher in.

    We had to order it, and it came about a week later. We installed it without any huge issues. It fit perfectly in the space that we had allotted for it.

    My biggest concern with this model was how many dishes it would really be able to hold. Since it was not a standard size, I thought that I would have a huge problem doing loads, and have to do twice as many to compensate for the size.

    Luckily, my fears were proved false. I easily fit a full load into the washer, and do not seem to have too many issues.

    One small problem that I have encounted is washing pots and pans. Although everything that I put in the dishwasher gets very clean, the size does make putting a full load of pots and pans in, a bit of a problem. Depending on the size, there may be a few left over that either have to wait for the next load, or have to be washed by hand.

    I have no problem with this, but I know that others might.

    All in all, for my family, and my home, this dishwasher was perfect!

    Apr 14, 2009
    Compact and resiliant
    by: Anonymous

    My old dishwasher was giving me a lot of trouble. It consumed more electrical power than I could handle and I was desperate for a new dishwasher. I calculated my savings and barely had six hundred dollars. I checked up online reviews and located the US Appliances web store where they favored the General Electric Company’s GE Spacemaker Built-in 18” Dishwasher Model GSM1800NWW for 569 dollars.

    GE Spacemaker dishwasher is a compact model, which occupies very little space (dimensions - 32.5in height x 22.5in depth x 18in width). The dishwasher complies with ADA standards regarding height that facilitates trouble-free operation. It is also meets Energy Star norms leading to reduction in power consumption and water usage.

    The hardy, resilient stainless steel internal parts, glossy exterior, stain resistant and anti-rust nature are plus-points of the GE dishwasher. Heavy-duty nylon is the raw material for manufacturing washing racks that safeguard the dishes during cleaning. It is possible to remove the upper utensil holder rack, whenever requirement arises, to wash large-sized vessels. The delicate crystal glass option guards breakable glassware by reducing the washing temperature.

    The salient features of the GE Spacemaker dishwasher are seven modes of wash cycles, silent operation and dialing type of controls. The three colors available in the store were pure black, complete white and stainless steel. I chose the stainless steel colored model because it complements any color shade.

    The loading capacity is very high when compared to the overall miniscule size of the dishwasher that is suitable for an eighteen-inch cabinet. It also washes huge utensils spotlessly clean without making any peculiar sounds.

    Mild rinsing to remove small food particles in the vessels is necessary prior to adding dishes in the washer. The output is bright, dazzling and immaculate dishes. The best point about the GE Spacemaker dishwasher is the complete cleaning of burnt vessels with pressurized hot water. I would like to recommend this model as a versatile dishwasher.

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