GE Spacemaker GSM1800NWW 18 inches Built-in Dishwasher

White , 7 Washes, Cycle Progress Indicator Energy Star

White , 7 Washes, Cycle Progress Indicator Energy Star

Featuring a flush design and a flat full length door that makes installation very easy, this GE Spacemaker GSM1800NWW built-in dishwasher is a convenient appliance to have around the kitchen. The durable nylon racks secure any type of china, glassware or crystalware so that dishwashing is both safe and efficient. Offering both dishwashing and drying capabilities, this dishwasher is built to cater to both gentle and heavy-duty cleaning.

Interior Features
  • This dishwasher features a bright annealed stainless steel interior, which doesn't only look appealing but resists corrosion and stains as well. The durable nylon racks are rust-resistant and helps secure the dishes during the entire dishwashing operation. To make washing larger items such as pans and trays easier, the removable upper rack allows you to accomodate huge kitchen essentials more easily.
  • The Cycle Progress Indicator Dial is one useful dishwasher control feature as it allows you to check on the dishwashing progress conveniently. The 7 dishwasher cycles are perfect for various degrees of dishwashing, from Normal Wash to Heavy Wash and Light Wash. The Pots and Pans cycle is ideal for hard-to-reach stains, while the China/Crystal Selection is suitable for delicate types of china or crystalware.
  • Important rack features include a standard silverware basket and two plastic utility shelves. The upper and lower racks are both designed in standard styles. A Calrod Heater is utilized for drying dishes, pots, pans, glasses, and utensils. Its Quiet 1800 Quiet Package and Quiet features such as Sealed Toe Kick and Tub Collar Trim ensures a quiet operation every time.

    Exterior Features

  • The GSM 1800NWW dishwasher comes in different exterior styling, from White to Black to Stainless Steel. The full-length flat door makes installing this dishwasher with your existing kitchen cabinetry easy, as its Squeeze Latch secures the dishwasher closed during ongoing operation.
  • A secure leveling system is also employed by this dishwasher, utilizing leveling legs that add better stability while the appliance is being used.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 22 1/2 inches
    Height: 32 1/2 inches
    Width: 18 inches


    Save on more kitchen space with this GE Spacemaker dishwasher that's made with a built-in design. Experience a dishwasher that has durable construction from the inside out, especially with its stainless steel interior and excellent exterior finish.

    The heavy-duty nylon racks are built to last, securing dishes, glasses, pots and pans while the dishwashing procedure is ongoing. Wash delicate china and crystalware without effort or worry, as the China/Crystal selection provides gentle dishwashing through a more lowered temperature. Have your pots and pans cleaned to utmost perfection as the Pots and Pans cycle makes use of high temperature so as to quickly and efficiently burned-on food and other stains.

    Efficient drying is achieved through Drying Options that include a Heat Dry option which circulates heated air successfully after dishwashing. With its space-saving design, this dishwasher is perfect for kitchens of all sizes.


    Although a quick dishwashing option would have been useful, this dishwasher does not have a quick wash feature. This dishwasher does not have a separate cutlery tray, which would have been useful for washing knives, ladles, and other types of silverware.


  • elegant interiors
  • adjustable racks
  • stainless steel tub
  • 7 different wash cycles
  • quiet dishwashing operation


  • no quick washing option
  • no high temperature wash
  • no separate tray for cutlery

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