GE ZBD1800GSS - Full Console Dishwasher

by cosimoto
(thornhil ontario)

Its a little overpriced in my opinion but the little time I had it I could say that it has been pretty efficient. Perhaps the detergent I am using has a lot to do with it but its been a good buy. The fact that it qualified for the energy star savings was one of the reasons I bought it. In Ontario Canada the rebate program runs until September 1st 2009.

I do have a couple problems with it: stainless steel, it gets dirty quick especially with kids running around. As well as as its appearance. now i am not one to get digital anything due to the fact that it has more components that can break down, but it does seem like its missing a few things for the price. It also doesn't offer certain cycles for the price where as certain models do for the same price or cheaper.

Overall it has worked well and i have no real complaints. it is fairly quite and a decent aquisition for a modern style kitchen.
General Electric is one of the largest companies out there so it disappoints me to see that there is only a one year warranty on it, that should be improved, especially during these times (recession).

You can pick up these units at most larger dealers so parts I am sure are readily available. Talking to the salesman also I noticed it is one of their top models so we will know if this item has problems.

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