general electric dishwasher GDF510PGDOBB

by dale adams
(whiting, nj usa)

this is a mistake buying the new hybrid dishwashers first of all they take too much time to wash and dry dishes--I can hand wash and hand dry them faster than the machines all the companies make now because they follow the energy star recommendations put out by the government this machine had a lot of problems just starting. then it took 2-3 hours to dry and it didn't do that!

the repair man came within just one month to reprogram the machine and put in the drying kit and it still did not dry

I am taking the whole machine back to home depot to see if I can get a replacement sorry I do not recommend this machine dale adams, new jersey

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Jul 31, 2013
by: Kathleen

Purchased in March 2013. Repairman was here in July. Dishwasher drains about half the time. Standing dirty water in machine after it's finished. Repairman says drain must be plugged, and if it doesn't unplug itself by SEPTEMBER to call back! It's JULY!

I called back complaining about repairman. One week later, they send the same guy! This time he said he's ordering a new computer board. He has yet to pull the machine out to check the drain!
I practically wash the dishes before putting them in the machine, but this guy tells me the filter is really dirty from someone putting food particles in there.

Seriously? I told him I got this model because it has a grinder. He said those are "just a gimmick. They don't work."

He also says to always run it on heavy wash with water temp boost, because Normal or Light washes don't work well. Again, seriously???

He said he ordered the part, and it would come to my home via FedEx. It's 4:15 Wednesday, no FedEx. He's supposed to be here to install the part tomorrow between 11 and 1 o'clock. We'll see.

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