General Electric GSD 2000 Series (2100N)

I was not able to choose the dishwasher- it was already installed in my apartment unit- therefore it was basically take what you get. Let me start off by saying I am not a huge fan of this dishwasher unit.

The first few times it was used, with every dish stacked properly- no dishes overlapping, was not a success at all. If I had not “prewashed” (defeating the purpose of a dishwasher) the dishes before putting them into the dishwasher unit they would come out with food particles stuck to them; they weren’t so much visible as I could feel the particles when I would touch the smooth parts of the dishes. It was then pointed out to me by a neighbor that the dishes would not clean properly unless I flipped the switch for the “Heat Dry Option.”

I thought I could get away with putting the dishwasher to wash and then just opening it and pulling out the racks so they could air dry but I was wrong. Once I started to use the heat dry option, and still did the pre-rinse, they came out just fine.

If it were your choice, I would definitely look into a different dishwasher but if you already have this one in your home, DO the rinsing before you put the dishes into the unit.

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