General Electric GSD

by EJ

I’ve had this General Electric dishwasher for about five years now, as long as I’ve lived in my apartment. In New York City, a dishwasher is a precious commodity, so I’m pretty lucky to have one at all, especially one that hasn’t given me any major problems over the years.

The dishwasher fits nicely under my countertop and is directly connected to the sink through the cabinet. It’s got several wash features, including short, medium, and long wash, as well as cold and hot dry cycles. I mainly use the hottest and longest cycle to get my dishes clean because I never pre-rinse!

Thankfully, I really don’t need to pre-rinse my dishes because the dishwasher washes them pretty decently. Occasionally, I’ll have to wash them twice to remove all food residues or do a final rinse in the sink to get off some caked bits. I’ve noticed this happening more and more in the last year or so. I’m not sure if I’m overloading the machine or if I’ve got really dirty dishes.

I will say that I’m perplexed as to how to clean the darn thing. I’ve tried the vinegar and baking soda combination with mixed results. The interior tends to smell a bit from time to time depending on what I’ve been washing.

I do wish the latch for the washing liquid was easier to operate; sometimes it doesn’t open or it won’t let you close it. I still put in my powder or liquid (usually cruelty-free powder) and find that my dishes are pretty clean.

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