General Electric GSD2000

The dishwasher model that I have came with the new house I purchased in 2002. I was excited to have a dishwasher, since I was the primary, well the only dishwasher I had previously.

It has settings for hot start, heavy, normal, and short washes. There are also options for rinse only, plate warmer, and warm dry. For the detergent there are two places for a liquid to go and a well for a rinsing agent.

I loved my dishwasher. I was easy and convenient to use. I did not like the way it washed pots and pans even with pre-rinsing, so I still did those by hand. I also realized that some of my non-stick items as well as ceramic dishes did not fare well.

Well I enjoyed my newest appliance for two years, and then in Sept. of 2004 it started leaking. At first I thought it was a bad connection from the disposal, but as it turns out the rubber seal on the door had corroded. That was the end of the dishwasher.

The leaking water had gotten inside the seal and the whole thing had to be replaced. I now use the non working dishwasher as an extra storage area and have gone back to washing dishes by hand

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