General Electric GSD500P-45BA

by Ron
(Browning, IL)

Our GE dishwasher came built in with our home and has been operating for over ten years now. Our area has hard water and many people around here have problems with dishwashers and water heaters. This GE dishwasher has outlived two electric water heaters and is working on a third. It is truly a workhorse and does a very good job on our dishes even with the water issues. It actually is the only original appliance that came with our home that is still in use.

After a few years of use it began to make a bit of noise when the wash wand rotated. We had a local serviceman come out and check it over and clean the inside. He said it simply had some build up on and under the arm and after the service it looked like it should last a few more years for us. That was at least three years ago and it is still running fine.

We had a Kenmore portable dishwasher before we moved in here and it had lots of problems. Lots of leak issues and it was a real pain to move and hook up to the sink. The portables of those days also had a lot of trouble with splashing the outflow water. Believe me we will never go that route again. Built in is the only way to go.

The GE is at the point of it's service life where it could fail at any time of course, and a major failure would likely mean repairs would be less economical than a replacement. Truthfully, with the advancements in energy saving built in the current dishwashers we will probably look into upgrading soon. You can bet that we will look at GE brand first after the good experience we have had with this unit.

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