General Electric GSD6600G

by Chris
(Westfield, NJ USA)

I recently remodeled my kitchen and when I was choosing appliances, I purchased a GE dishwasher for it. Though it's not a very standard form factor (It's an inch taller than many others), it was a perfect choice for my kitchen.

I entertain often, and this dishwasher has an extra large capacity. It's able to handle large quantities of stemmed glassware with ease, partly thanks to its integrated stemware holder on the top rack. In addition, it has a sprayer arm on the top and bottom racks of the dishwasher, which helps more effectively clean the heavily soiled dishes I feed it. I haven't managed to give this dishwasher a load that it can't clean effectively.

It does take a while on some loads, but this might be a result of the integrated soil sensor that it has, so it's busy making sure that the dishes are clean the first time.

After owning this dishwasher for about a year, it did start making a strange growling noise during the cycle. At first, I was a bit freaked out by it, which led to a week or so of opening the machine halfway through its cycle, thinking that it was eating its innards. It wasn't, however, and after searching online, I learned that it was something to do with an auxiliary sprayer vibrating during the cycle, and was nothing to be concerned with.

In the way of special features, this dishwasher has various special wash cycles, including antimicrobial, china, and even a heavy duty cycle, all of which I've used and been very happy with.

Overall, I love my dishwasher and plan to use it 'til the day it dies, which judging by GE quality, won't be for a long time.

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