General Electric Permatuf Potscrubber 600

by paul young
(blue ridge ,Ga.)

This is a story of 2 dishwashers and a disgruntled housewife who thought that the grass was greener on the other side. The story begins when I have a friend who is getting all new stainless steel appliances in his kitchen. To accommodate the new appliances he has to get rid of his old of his old appliances which includes the General Electric Permatuf Potscrubber 600 that he offers to give to me if I will come pick it up.

A range and a huge microwave also comes along with the deal.

So my wife is dissatisfied with our current dishwasher which I believe if I am not mistaken reviewed previously, she claims that it is just not getting the dishes as clean as it ought to. She decides that she would like to take our dishwasher out and install the one that my friend is giving away, she believed that anything would beat the dishwasher that we had.

To humor my wife I go down and pick up the appliances from my friends house and me and my wife’s brother-in-law swap out the two dishwashers. After installation we fire it up to make sure that there are no leaks and that it works(it being a used dishwasher and all), and it worked fine with no leaks. But was it a better dishwasher?

In my opinion no, and my complains about this one too. I don’t know if it is our water pressure, the way we load it, or the dishwasher is wore out; but it gets only about 90% of the dishes clean on a good run. That is about the same or worse than or old one. However it seems to be a little easier to load and have more space on the bottom. One other thing, it only washes from the bottom, there is no water or anything washing from the top.

Would I recommend this washer, no I would have to say no. On a funny note, I wouldn’t advise putting concentrated hand washing detergent in any dishwasher unless you use a tiny amount. I think I used a wee little bit too much, my Potscrubber 600 spewed out suds all over the kitchen floor.

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Oct 31, 2012
An OK Appliance
by: Al

I usually soak the dishes before loading the dishwasher. They come out rather clean that way. I've come to realize thru trial and error that *potscrubber* is not the best name for this model. Few actual pots can fit in it, and scrubbing them just does not happen.

The appliance was in the house when I bought it. Now I know the real reason. It is good for that and using it maybe 4 times a week. I plan to change it out for something that actually lives up to the name. I expect more from a company like GE.

Sep 20, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm trying to find a part for my dishwasher. All I can find for info is what's on the outside of the dishwasher. Does anyone know where the serial and or model# is located on this old beast? I've looked on the side of door and also right at the top when you open it but there is no info there. The only other option is to pull the unit out to see if it's on the back panel and at that point, I might as well replace it.

Sep 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

This dishwasher works great!!! Noisy but works great. Been in my unit since 1986 and I use it 4 days a week and still works great in Sept 2012. This thing is great!!! Tons of friends have new ones and tons of problems.. I hope we keep going for more years.

Sep 11, 2011
An Oldie But Goodie
by: Frankie

I believe my dishwasher is quite old - from the 1980's. When I moved in to this house 18 months ago all the appliances but the dishwasher had been replaced. They are all low-end but function well. The dishwasher needed a part which would cost more than a new dishwasher. Although it functions okay, I realize I could do with a new one as I really have to rinse off all food from the dishes or they don't get clean. However, I am yet to find another with good reviews. I shall hang onto this one until it dies. I have given it five stars for its longevity. It dries well and never leaves water in the bottom.

Nov 29, 2009
Has Always Worked Great!
by: Anonymous

In 2005 I moved into a condo which had been remodeled in '94. Even though all the other appliances are GE Profile from '94, the previous owner kept the Potscrubber 600, which probably dated from the '80s, and just gave it a black faceplate to match all the other appliances. For the first two years here, I didn't use the dishwasher much as I was a bachelor, but it always worked great when I used it twice a month or so. For the last couple of years, now that I am married and we cook a lot more (and use a lot more plates and silverware), we run the Potscrubber at least once per day. This thing is a trooper! I don't even know for sure how old it is, but it works flawlessly. It is definitely noisy, compared to today's dishwashers, but my sister has a lot more complaints about her ultra-quiet Maytag that she just bought a year ago. To be fair to other reviewers, it may help that our high-rise has great water pressure and very hot water (we also have very soft, clean water here in San Francisco). But the machine has certainly showed no flaws, and nothing has broken. If it ever does break, I'd like to know whether GE still makes a similar washer so I can buy it!

Mar 18, 2009
The worst dishwasher
by: Kwamena Entsuah

I have a General Electric permatuf dishwasher. It is terrible. Definitely the worst. It overheats when it is put on the drying section and you can smell it all throughout my residence. I have had maintenance come to look at it to fix it about 3 times. They have tried to adjust several of the settings but to no avail.

Right now I would like to be able to use it as just a dish rack but that effort has failed as well because it stores up water in the bottom. I usually think GE products are durable and reliable but this dishwasher definitely is not. The blade in the center that spins the water is setup so that it is very noisy as well. The look of the dishwasher is not spectacular it is mostly white with a black and brown handle area. An aspect of it that bothers me greatly is that it does not close properly.

The latch falls out easily and I have to lift and push it in to close it. It can be very frustrating. The interior latch where the dish detergent is poured in does not close well either. Another thing that I do not like about the Permatuf is that when it begins to wash the dishes it spews water and garbage out of the disposal into the sink. The mechanics took a look at this but were not able to remedy the problem with the piping. The next type dishwasher model I will go for definitely will be one that is a newer brand.

Most likely with a stainless steel front because they do not collect too much dirt as easily as the others. Currently I have to pour bleach water into the base of the dishwasher just so the smell will not permeate my residence so greatly once it is completely dry I will close it for good.

Jan 20, 2009
Fails to fully clean dishes
by: Anonymous

I usually am very pleased with GE's; however, I will write that I have not been pleased with this model. I have found that time and time again, whether I rinse the dishes before putting them in or scrubbing them, the washer fails to fully clean the dishes. I have used various detergents, but to no avail.

I have also found that the rubber lining the bottom of the door wears very easily, causing water to spill over the bottom edge whenever the dishwasher is on the rinse cycle. The noise that the dishwasher makes during its cycles also seems to be louder than the average unit.

It drowns out my TV and the air conditioner. The chrome plating and faux woodgrain paneling on the door of the washer is very cheaply constructed and peels very easily--at least 4 to 6 months after purchase. I have found that the drying cycle is sufficient; the steam is very hot, and therefore adequately dries the dishes and can serve as a useful disinfectant.

The dishes come out so hot that once it caused the edges of a raw egg that I had just placed on a plate right out of the washer to cook around the edges. I surprisingly, find this comforting! I believe that if you are just starting out, and need a cheap, quick, simple dishwasher, this would probably be your choice.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a convienent, throw-the-dishes-in model, this washer will require much more effort--and possibly a water tray to collect the water from the leaky door!

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