Haier Energy Star model

Haier energy star

Haier energy star

I recently purchased a new a home and was looking for a quality, long lasting dishwasher. We are a family of three with a small child. So our needs are varied.

From washing small childrens bottles and cups to dinnerware and pots and pans. I have heard a little bit about Haier but had never owned one of their appliances. We went to Lowe's and the Haier model really caught my eye.

We needed an in shelf model but not a large bulky exterior. The Haier had a sleek and clean exterior.

This model is an energy efficient model so not only does it have a reduced power consumption compared to other models it also saves on the amount of water use. We decided to purchase this model and I was pleasantly surprised when we got it home.

We hired a professional installer for the retailer and he had the model up and running in short order. The first thing we noticed was how quite the model was when running.

Most dishwasher have a very noisy washing cycle but the Haier was as quite as can be. This is a real good feature for people with young children. With the Haier my baby or myself for that matter could nap without interruptions.

The Haier has all the standard wash cycles. It sports a heavy duty rolling racks a multi directional washing system.

All this pack in a nice sleek exterior for under $500. Next time your in the market for a new dishwasher check out Haier.

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