Happy In POCO

by Mim
(BC, Canada)

We have the Mile G2141 which I wrote about last week in my frustration with it not working properly. It wouldn't pump out and we had been having issues with getting cups clean. The Miele repair technician came this morning, he was excellent,I called on Thurs. and got an appointment on Tues. so very responsive.

We found out our outlet hose was too small which was affecting the pump and there was a piece of glass caught in the pump. The technician was here for an hour, got it working properly, did extra work at no charge and gave us the extension for the correct sized outlet hose all at no cost. He also showed us how to remove and clean the sprayer arms and how all the parts work on the racks for more efficient loading. We had been having trouble getting coffee cups clean, just lately, which was likely a result of the sprayer arms needing a cleaning. He also explained why the machine has the big filter basket at the bottom which is new to me. It's because garbeurators like we have in North American dishwashers are not in European dishwashers and not generally used in sinks in Europe either.

All in all we are very happy with the service and in particular the technician we got.

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