Hotpoint dishwasher Model - HLD4000NWW

by Luke

Hotpoint dishwasher Model#: HLD4000NWW This is the most expensive dishwasher we've ever bought, although it's been a while and so sticker shock just goes with the territory when you haven't purchased a dishwasher in ten years.

To be fair, it was somewhere in the middle range, price-wise, at the store where we got it, at around 360 dollars. Anyway, we expected a lot from our fancy new washer, having had a positive experience with the last Hotpoint, the one that lasted over 10 years.

I don't remember if the older one was made by GE, but the package this one came in said General Electric, so I guess they own them now.

It's a good machine-- very quiet, with 3 different removable accessory baskets and four levels of cleaning including one for fine china(do people actually use this?) and an “antibacterial level” which features a little light on the door that comes on when the dishes have met sanitary conditions.

They call it the towerless wash system-- I'm not clear on why they do, I guess because there's no large central tower spraying your dishes, just nozzles all around.

The dishes do come out pretty clean, even the stuff on top. It's still too early to see if it uses a lot of water-- the literature stresses that it doesn't. We'll see.

Anyway, we like it a lot.

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May 29, 2009
A great machine I agree
by: Jamescyberjoe

I've had this machine for a year now and am satisfied with it. The only problem is that it clogs easily. You MUST scrape all excess food from the plates. I had GE out here to unclog it of corn kernels in the pump outlet. Lesson learned.
So now our ritual is to scrape all the plates and it works just fine.
It's very quiet and uses only a gallon of water each cycle.
Also quite energy efficient too.
I'm happy with this machine as it does what it's supposed to do.

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