Hotpoint HDA1100NWH White Built-in Dishwasher

Cycle Progress Indicator 4-Level Power Scrub

Cycle Progress Indicator 4-Level Power Scrub

Heavy-duty construction and useful dishwashing features make this Hotpoint built-in dishwasher a worthy purchase. It has a 4-level Power Scrub wash system that efficiently cleans dishes, glasses, and silverware efficiently and a Hot PreWash Option that preheats the water prior to the main wash cycle. Plus, with its QuietPower motor, this dishwasher renders a peaceful and quiet operation in the kitchen each and everytime.

Interior Features
  • The 4-level PowerScrub wash system results in cleaner dishes, since you can choose which washing levels are best for different types of china or silverware. A Cycle Progress Indicator Dial allows you to check conveniently how the dishwashing has already progressed, and the Dishwasher options range from Heated Dry to Water Saver Dial to Hot PreWash Dial.
  • Another outstanding feature of this dishwasher is its water filter, which helps circulate 100% filtered water, so that the dishes always come out perfectly clean. The Hot PreWash Option aids in water preheating so that warm water is used before the main wash cycle. Since this dishwasher has a QuietPower motor, each dishwashing session is quiet and efficient. And with the Piranha Food Disposer, any leftover food is ground to fine bits, for easy washing and elimination.
  • The Drying features of the HDA 1100NWH dishwasher is also commendable, as it utilizes a Calrod Heater for efficient heating purposes.

    Exterior Features

  • This dishwasher model comes with a White exterior styling with a Black control panel color. The well constructed tub and door liner is created to be chip-resistant and stain-resistant which is ideal for heay-duty use.
  • Its traditional exterior styling makes this dishwasher a perfect fit for any kitchen type or size.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches


    Get squeaky clean dishes, glasses, and silverware each time you use this dishwasher, with its powerful 4-level PowerScrub wash system. Use 100% filtered water during dishwashing with the 100% Water Filtration with ExtraFine filter. Stop worrying about having left-over food inside the dishwasher. The Piranha Hard Food Disposer grinds food into smaller bits so that washing them away is fast and easy. Choose among different dishwasher options, depending on the level of scrubbing or rinsing required. The options include Heated Dry, Water Saver Dial, and Hot PreWash Dial. Center Throw Latch makes securing and closing this dishwasher easy and effortless. The Turn-To-Start control features makes setting and adjusting the wash cycles totally easy and convenient. If you don't prefer a dishwasher that squeaks and grunts each time it is being used, this dishwasher with its QuietPower Motor will most definitely satisfy your noiseless dishwashing requirements.


    Unlike other dishwasher models from other brands, this Hotpoint built-in dishwasher does not have a stainless steel interior tub. Although this dishwasher has a Hot PreWash Option, it does not have a High Temperature Wash Option. Some dishwashers come with an adjustable upper rack; however this HotPoint dishwasher does not have an adjustable upper rack that allows you to accomodate bigger items when dishwashing. This dishwasher does not have an ENERGY STAR rating.


  • built-in
  • elegant styling
  • simple to use controls
  • disposes hard food
  • useful water filtration


  • no stainless steel interior
  • no high temperature wash option
  • no adjustable upper rack
  • no ENERGY STAR rating

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    Dec 09, 2010
    love it
    by: Anonymous

    I just installed this bada$$. GE IS Hotpoint, look it up. My old dishwasher, blessed she be, ran a full life of 12 years and was GE. I went to Lowe's, the only vendor of Hotpoint and they didn't keep it in local stock, as my old dishwasher was out and I needed one, I went then to Home Depot, Best Buy and RC Willey. My budget was 240 bux. In the end I decided that the two week wait for the features was well worth it, I'd just have do the dishes the old fashioned way. 2 weeks later, there she is, 2 hour install and running like a queen.

    The only draw back was there is no factory power cable so one had to be installed, a few 39 cent power twists and your fine. I actually had a guy tell me at Lowe's to never buy GE and GE is Hotpoint, well I was rough then, I'm solid now. My first GE was 12 years of perfect dishes and this new hotpoint I expect the same. 12 Years at 219 bux... Do the math peepz. I love this dishwasher!!!!!!!!!!

    Dec 09, 2010
    Reliable and recommended
    by: Elizabeth and Jack

    We bought our Hotpoint dishwasher about 3 months ago. We had an old dishwasher which had served us well for years, but it was on it's last legs. We found this Hotpoint for an incredibly reasonable price(about 200 dollars!) and we were especially impressed with the bonus features we got in a machine which was priced so low.

    The best thing, in my opinion, is that this dishwasher is incredibly quiet, making very little noise even when it's at the height of the wash cycle. It has a 4 level "powerscrub" system, which does an incredibly efficient job on cleaning the dishes. I especially like what they call the "Piranha hard food disposer".

    When previously you might have had those bits of food which stubbornly cling to the plates, and then get washed off only to linger in the bottom of the dishwasher(yuck!), this eliminates that problem. I have yet to find any food clinging to the plates or in the bottom of the dishwasher either, so I'd call it a great success!

    You don't have to do a lot of prewashing, either, this dishwasher can handle pretty much any dishes you can throw at it, including pots and pans. It does a good job of drying as well, when the dishes are done, they are dry, clean, and best of all, without spots!

    We use our dishwasher pretty heavily, running it at least twice a day(with kids in the house, there's no avoiding it!), and we have had only success with this dishwasher.

    It's very reliable, and I would recommend it to anyone. If you're looking for a basic bargain priced dishwasher that is reliable, quiet, and efficient , this is a good choice for you.

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