Hotpoint HDA2000G02WW

by Mary E Lynn
(Kansas City, MO)

This dishwasher certainly does the job. Roomy enough for an eight person set, yet small enough to fit in my studio apartment's kitchen. It can be a little noisy at certain times during the cycle, but for the most part it's quiet.

There are 5 wash options. The first option is a hot prewash, which helps to get those really dirty dishes clean.

The second option is heavy wash, which when combined with the hot prewash has gotten baked-on grease off of a pot for me.

The third option is normal wash, which is good enough for your standard dirty dishes. Then there is the water saver option , which does almost as good of a job as the normal wash while using less water, although there have been several times when I've had to re-wash the dishes it did not get completely clean.

And finally it has the rinse only option, which comes in handy when the normal or water saver options do not get the dishes 100% clean. It also has an option to have heated dry or non-heated dry, which can significantly impact your heating bill.

All in all I am satisfied, and would recommend this dishwasher to any homeowner.

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