Hotpoint HDA2000TBB Black Built-in Dishwasher

Piranha Hard Food Dispenser Energy Star

Piranha Hard Food Dispenser Energy Star

Featuring a 3-level PowerScrub wash system and the revolutionary Piranha Hard Food Disposer that grinds leftover food into smaller, easy-to-eliminate particles, this Hotpoint HDA2000TBB built-in dishwasher is more than your average dishwashing machine. Expect only the best cleaning and dishwashing results possible with its 100% Water Filtration System, which keeps dishwasher water clean so that all your dishes come out perfectly clean as well. This model is moreover ENERGY STAR qualified so you get better energy savings throughout the year.

Interior Features

  • This dishwasher comes with a 3-level PowerScrub wash system that features precision water jets and uses hot temperatures to scrub even the toughest stains away. It also has a 100% Water Filtration System that allows water to stay clean so that your dishes come out perfectly washed and cleaned every time. The HotStart option ensures that there is uniform water temperature maintained throughout the dishwashing cycle. The 5 cycle and 2 option feature permits you to choose which combination is most suitable for your dish load, so you end up with perfectly clean dishes everytime.
  • The Piranha Hard Food Disposer grinds any left over food into smaller bits so that washing them away is easy. Both the upper and lower racks are available in standard styles, and included among its rack features is a Deluxe Silverware Basket. There are 5 dishwasher cycles to choose from, which include Heavy Wash, Normal Wash, Light Wash, Rinse Only, and Plate Warmer.
  • It's QuietPower Motor ensures a quiet yet efficient operation everytime, and with its ENERGY STAR rating, getting more savings on your electricity consumption is always possible.

    Exterior Features

  • Available in black exterior styling, this dishwashing machine is both functional and elegant. Its exterior has a traditional styling moreover, so you can easily install this dishwasher and have it complement your existing cabinetry. Leveling legs make up its Leveling System, making it more stable and secure.
  • There are also easy to use dishwasher control features, such as the Cycle Progress Indicator Dial. The type of controls include a Turn-to-Start control as well as four Touchpads. Its Center Throw Latch secures the appliance closed during each dishwashing operation.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 3/4 inches
    Height: 34 inches
    Width: 24 inches


    Scour away the toughest food stains with the 3-level PowerScrub wash system, which features hot temperatures and precision water jets. Enjoy better energy savings with this ENERGY STAR qualified dishwasher.

    Its 100% Water Filtration System keeps the water clean, so that freshly-washed dishes stay squeaky clean as well. With its 5 cycles and 2 options, you can easily choose which combination is best in washing your dishes or china.


    While this dishwasher comes with a PermaTuf Tub and Door Liner, it does not feature a stainless steel interior. This dishwasher model is available only in one kind of exterior styling, which is Black.


  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • able to dispose leftover food
  • built-in style
  • stable and durable
  • easy to use
  • hard countertop installation
  • five wash cycles
  • 3-level powerscrub
  • water filtration


  • no stainless steel interior
  • available only in one color

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