Hotpoint HDA2000TWW Built in White Dishwasher

14-Place Setting Energy Star Rating Eco Options

14-Place Setting Energy Star Rating Eco Options

Get superb performance with the HDA2000TWW from Hotpoint. This dishwasher does not only clean your dishes but also has a food disposal function that is built in the machine. This allows the user convenience in the use of the machine. Also, the energy star rating makes the machine a superb partner in cost savings in terms of electricity bills. It also has an eco wash option in order to save more on water.

Interior features
  • Aside from a fully functional dishwasher, the machine has a built in food disposal unit that grinds the food into smaller particles in order to make it easier to wash away and dispose. Users need not worry about residue food particles that can block the path of water and waste from the dishwasher.
  • The water filtration feature of this machine also adds more convenience to the user as the water is cleaned before touching the dishes. This assures the user of a totally clean wash. It has five cycles and two options to choose from in order to meet the needs of the user in terms of dishwashing needs.

    Exterior Features

  • This dishwasher comes in a clean sleek white finish that is both elegant and classic to look at. The classic white finish allows the user to match the device with any kitchen design. Also, the door opens the traditional way, allowing the user to stack dishes within the machine with ease.
  • The machine has a combination of touchpad and dial control that allows the user to choose the appropriate wash cycle as well as to set the appropriate delay timer. It employs an electro-mechanical control mechanism that allows for ease in settings.

    Dimension Specifications

    Depth: 25 ¾ Inches
    Height: 34 Inches
    Width: 24 Inches


    The Energy Star compliant features and the Eco-wash options are good ways for the user to save on current and water. The user will feel confident in the cleanliness of the dishes without worrying about using too much water or detergent.The machine can hold up to 90 lb of dishes per washing. It has several wash cycles to choose from and also uses filtered water to clean the dishes. It has a food grinder inside and also a self-cleaning mechanism that makes the user’s maintenance job easier.


    It does not have a quick rinse and quick wash feature that could save customers time in washing dishes. It does not have a steam wash feature unlike other models in the same line. It lacks an interior light feature which makes it difficult to see the interior of the machine at times. Also, it does not offer high water temperature wash in order to facilitate the cleaning of hard to remove residue from the dishes.


  • Energy Star compliant
  • eco wash options
  • spacious drawer
  • several wash cycles
  • built in design
  • 14-place settings
  • food grinder
  • food disposal system
  • uses filtered water
  • self-cleaning mechanism
  • dial controls


  • no interior light
  • racks are not adjustable
  • no high water temperature wash feature
  • single drawer only

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