HotPoint HDA3230z02WW

by Kimberly Anderson
(Salem, OR)

When we purchased our house, it came with a new dishwasher. I was not happy that it was a Hotpoint at first. I thought I needed a better name brand to get a dishwasher.

Boy was I wrong! This dishwasher has worked so well for us! It cleans very well and over the last 10 years, we have never has a problem with it. That is more than most of my friends can say about their "Name Brand" dishwasher.

The only real issue with this dishwasher is that it is a little loud for our house. Our family room is right next to the kitchen, so when the dishwasher is running, it is harder to hear the TV or talk to people with easy.

But that is really solved by running the dishwasher at night when we go to bed. That way I just unload it in the morning and we load it up all day long with the dirty dishes so we never have a dirty kitchen.

This is a very reliable dishwasher and I would recommend any Hotpoint appliance now! Don't be fooled by the "Name Brands".

You can get a good quality appliance without the "Name brand" price tag! Try out a HotPoint Dishwasher, you will pleasantly surprised!

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