Hotpoint HDA3230Z02WW

by leah nicholson bush
(etowah nc)

We are currently renovating a 1992 doublewide which includes a Hotpoint dishwasher with the kitchen. This dishwasher has 3 cycle choices- heavy wash, normal wash and water saver.

I have tried all three- the water saver doesn't remove any food particles that are left on the dishes after dinner. The only cycle that works well enough to be used is the heavy duty cycle which I must use for all my dishware and even then there are several spots on my glasses.

The only thing that I like about this dishwasher is that it fits into our kitchen well because of the color. I do not like that fact that it only has one water sprayer under the bottom tray.

There are two trays which makes it hard to clean the top ones. The drying cycle doesn't seem to be long enough either because a lot of my plastic containers do not get dry.

So far it hasn't washed well but seems to be holding up fairly well.

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