HotPoint HDA3500NWW

by Dena
(Rincon, GA USA)

We bought a brand new home in 2003. This dishwasher was in this home when purchased. It would not have been our first choice since it did not have stainless steel inside but we decided to keep it. Through the years it has preformed great. The controls have withstood years of abuse from our two kids constantly hitting them and changing the cycles. The dishwasher like any other that's under $300 you need to pre-rinse your dishes if they are not going to be washed that night.

The dishwasher does perform better than what I anticipated and that's great. With two children in the house I do not want to be spending a lot of time rinsing dishes and washing them. This dishwasher takes care of that for me.

I can just easily quick rinse them and stack the dishes in. After a couple of days I run it and the dishes come out great. If you have hard water I would suggest a drying agent as the heated dryer with this model does work but you will have spots on your glasses.

The different cycles it has for short loads, large loads, pots-n-pans and regular are great but I only use large loads and pot-n-pans. I really do not know too many people that would actually use every cycle on a dishwasher.

I would recommend this dishwasher for anyone single or a family. It will hold up well when you need it to.

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