How I found my Ge dishwasher

Lets see. My dishwasher is a ge dishwasher. the only thing i like about my dishwasher is that the color of it is black. oh and the fact that i can use the little silverware holder on my countertop to hold my silverware in to dry after i have to wash it by hand.

My dishwasher is constantly breaking, and currently this time that my dishwasher has broken, it filled up with water and never bothered to drain and empty itself. so now it is just growing mildew inside of it with stagnant water sitting in the bottom.

The times it has previously been broken, it was shooting water out of the little faucet thing on the side of the sink and was flooding my entire countertop. this was a hassle to always be taking everything off of the counters to wipe them down. so in the long run it has just always been less time and hassle to just wash my dishes by hand.

On the upside though the exterior holds up well from the constant beatings of my two year old drive his tonka truck head on into it. no dings or dents that i can see at all so i guess that is another nice little thing for me at least, but as for an actual dishwasher.

Well i would rather have cupboard space at this point instead of an used and always broken appliance.

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