Indesit IDL40

by Marc
(Wiltshire UK)

I purchased the Indesit IDL40 over 2 years ago from the Comet online website. This is the perfect slimline dishwasher for my situation, as I have a very small kitchen, with limited space and this fits in perfectly.

Upon delivery, the dishwasher was easy to simply slide into place and very simple to attach to the plumbing, as we already had adapted sink plumbing to accomodate this.

Internally, the dishwasher has 2 trays, on rollers. One in the upper and one in the lower portion of the dishwasher. It also comes supplied with a cutlery basket which can be moved between the trays.

It has a normal wash cycle, which last about 1 and half hours. This is supplemented by an economy wash setting and an additional rinse setting. These are all very easily selected from a knob on the front of the machine - with a simple activation/reset button alongside this. The front panel also contains wash, dry and rinse lights which are very easy to view and understand.
There is a very easy to load detergent chamber within the front door of the machine, which needs only a tablet to be inserted and the door closed. Its as simple as that!

Adding dishwasher salt is very simple, with the reservoir being accessed via a screwable cap in the interior base of the dishwasher. The dishwasher also comes with a funnel to aid clean and easy filling of the salt into the internal chamber.

The dishwasher itself has worked reliably and efficiently since purchase and has dealt perfectly with even the toughest, cooked on crockery staining.

I would recommend this to anyone with limited space but in need of an efficient and easy dishwasher. Remember to consider the cost of plumbing the dishwasher in, if you haven't already got adapted plumbing connections or are unable to make the changes yourself.

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Oct 11, 2016
IDL40 is very beautiful NEW
by: LILI SUn

This machine is like an [url=]inflatable dinosaur costume[/url], very useful and perfect

Sep 24, 2016
A very awesome blog post NEW
by: Anonymous

You will have it if it belongs to you

Nov 05, 2015
good post NEW
by: Anonymous Thanks guys found a lot of useful information

Sep 18, 2015
Awesome NEW
by: Liam

And not only for limited space.I always like to keep it simple. The little space it takes the better! Hahah

Jul 06, 2015
indesit NEW
by: Salley

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May 22, 2015
best of best NEW
by: stacy

Indesit is the best dish wash machine I ever used in my restaurant. The operations are so simple and easy to insert the plates. The two trays and the two rollers are very well arranged in the upper and the lower part.qspray

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