Indesit Model DG6050W

by Karen

My Indesit dishwasher is about six or seven years old. It has been so long ago that I cannot remember how much I paid for it. I think only about $200 since I could not afford a better model. That said, I really love this machine even though it is only a basic model. I use this machine once or twice a day since we often entertain. And even though it is used so often, I've never had any problems with it. It is really reliable!

I think the best thing about this machine is its simplicity. It has a push button on/off switch and a rotary switch for choosing the correct wash setting. There are only three settings: rinse mode, normal wash mode, and heavy duty mode. There are rotating arms in the bottom and at the top of the machine, so items in both the upper and the lower racks are cleaned.

Even though this machine does not have a sanitizer cycle like the newer machines, it is not really a problem. That is because the heating element on this machine really heats the water up on the rinse cycle. I actually have to let the items air-dry for several minutes before I can touch the utensils and dish ware.

The baskets inside the machine are very well designed. It is designed to hold a lot of dishware. The utensil basket even has little notches on the side for the teaspoons used for turkish coffee and tea. The little spoons simply hang on the side. The utensil basket does not have a handle, but that is not really a problem since I do not empty the silverware until the very last. I hate putting up silverware!

I do not know if this machine is still sold in stores since models come and go, but I highly recommend this brand and model for anyone who wants bang for their buck.

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Sep 15, 2015
Awesome NEW
by: Janice

Yes indeed. It's a really good dish washer and I remember my parents having it for a really long time and with no problem what so ever.

Jun 07, 2015
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Jun 04, 2015
Indesit Model DG6050W NEW
by: elayTo

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May 19, 2015
best NEW
by: lessy

Me too have the same machine at my home. Mine is seven years old. I think there were no big complaints regarding the machine until now. The simplicity is what I like too about this machine. Great to have this kind of one at home.bee suits

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