Inglis IWU9866 Tall Tub

by Shawn

I bought this built-in unit brand new and installed it myself but it just does not clean the dishes very well. I have tried turing up the hot water tank and I even installed a new hot water line to the dishwasher and still it is not cleaning the dishes properly.

I have tried even very light loads vs heavy loads and no change. I only use Finish Powerball soap that was recommended buy Inglis to use in this unit. We tried the cheap Wal-Mart brand in the begining and the results were horrible so then we decided to go with what Inglis says to use.

We had a plumber do a pressure test on the hot water line and it read very high so I am just not sure what is up with this unit. The place where we bought it insists that we are not loading it properly but they won't send out a tech to see.
The machine is working properly I think but it is just for extremely litely soiled dishes.

I think you'd would almost have to wash them quickly buy hand to get the desired effect.
Overall I am very dissaticfied with this unit.I never expected a company Like Inglis so sell junk! The Inglis dishwasher I bought 7 years ago was a much better machine than the one I just bought a week ago.

I guess I should have went with my gut and bought a GE built-in dishwasher like I had planned but I thought of Inglis cuz in the past we had great experiences with that brand and also because of their record of making things that last.

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