Inglis Portable Dishwasher

by Anonymous

I bought an Inglis Portable dishwasher just over a year ago from the Sears store. It had a nice clean chopping board on top that I thought would double nicely as counter space. It seemed roomy inside and I liked the color that went with my kitchen decor. It had the energy efficient option and seemed pretty user friendly with only the super, extra and normal cycles.

It would also warm my plates up afterwards so I wouldn't have to dry them once the machine stopped. We were renting at the time and had no choice but to get a portable model as we would like to take the unit with us if purchased. I soon learned a portable dishwasher is however very inconvenient.

I thought plugging it in would be easy as pie but plugging in the hose to the tap and cord to the electrical outlet every time you wish to use it grew tiresome. I Soon realized the lay out of the dishwasher wasn't practical either once I ran through the first cycle. It had the type of cutlery rack which had 4 sides like a cube and a handle that lifted out.

It took up a space of about 4-5 dishes and soon found ourselves washing more frequently due to lack of space. Also, with the way the cutlery gets loaded, it rarely cleaned anything. I found that when put through the super cycle it cleaned very well but when put through the normal I found myself washing the dishes before hand or otherwise when the load was finished, washing them afterwards.

We now have a built in GE model with a few more buttons, and a front loader where the cutlery goes. I never have to run anything other than the normal cycle and rarely have to even rinse my dishes and can load 3 times as many dishes as the previous model.

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