Integra 300 Series 3 Cycle Dishwasher - SHX33M0

The integra 300 series Dishwasher is a top quality piece of machinery. At this point, I have been using it for over 2 years, and doing 2 loads a day is no problem. It completes the task like clock work every single time. It is a smaller size so it can fit easily anywhere, even in a small laundry room.

If you have a tight fit, then this may just be the perfect dishwasher for you. One of the small setbacks here is that the bottom rack is not the largest, so if you have to get big pans and pots inside, it might be sort of difficult.

However, I spread out my loads a lot, so if you do it that way like me, it will be no problem. There are 3 simple different wash types, keeping the system easy to understand, easy to operate, and not making it a hassle. For me, it came with some great warranties. One that I think comes with any is the wear and tear in home repair warranty.

This has worked out perfectly. It is energy star qualified, so in this age of energy conservation, it is perfect. It is also manufactured by a company that gives the only high-tech leak protection system, which I find very nice. Bosch is such a high quality company and this dishwasher really does the company justice.

If you are looking for the perfect small dishwasher for your home, you can not go wrong with the Integra 300 Series 3 Cycle Dishwasher - SHX33M0.

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