Jenn Air JDB-5 Dishwasher

by TheOldMan
(Los Gatos, CA, USA)

Junk! After less than three years, the display panel quit working. We have no way of knowing what cycle has been chosen, we cannot tell if the start button is actually active. Stay far, far, far away from Jenn-Air dishwasher. Save your money and buy a functional dishwasher and spend the savings on a piece of real art.

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Apr 16, 2015
Appliance Parts Pros
by: TheOldMan

To add to my original post, I ordered a replacement keypad assembly from Appliance Parts Pros (about $140) and it has worked fine ever since. I have purchased other parts from them, for example JA stove keypads, and give them an A++++ rating. They have an extensive problem search forum and their people respond quickly to queries.

Apr 15, 2011
Jenn Air problems
by: Anonymous

Jenn Air JDB Pro series What a disappointment!!!
In less than two years the control board went out and you could not choose the mode. I called the company and they said they covered the part only.
I paid for it and in less than a year guess what same problem again. It should be noted that I am away half the time and do not use it.
I called Jenn Air again and this time they told me that I should turn off the power to the machine when I went away as power surges can cause the problem. First it is not practical and what is the difference if I am away or home when a power surge happens? Bottom line is they were not willing to help. You can be sure that I will not be doing this the third time as the dishwasher will be gone.
It is a really bad design with the controls inside the top of the door. The heat and moisture gets into it and causes the problems..

Dec 30, 2010
Buy the best Get the worst
by: Anonymous

We decided to buy the best when we decided to buy a new dishwasher and we thought a two drawer from Jenn Air would be it. Wish we had read these reviews first. In less than 1 year we have had a service man out 3 times and they keep extending the warranties but as far as safety and convenience. Do not buy one of these dishwasher BEWARE!!

Dec 08, 2010
by: lena

What a piece of junk! I had a repair man out twice while still under warrantee with MAJOR repairs such as a new computer board. Two years ago the handle fell off and I was so sick and tired of this machine I refused to put money into it. Well it is not working (computer board out AGAIN) I have had this for about 7 years. I will never buy Jenn Air again. Oh, the repair man told me he is forever fixing the computer boards on these so let that be a warning. I hope the company reads these posts because at the prices they charge this dishwasher should last a minimum of 10 years!

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