Jenn Air Two Drawer Dishwasher (stainless steel)

by Darlene
(Pickering Ontario Canada)

Very disappointed in this dishwasher. It replaced a 12-15 year old dishwasher that was still working (and doing a better job).

I wanted to splurge and buy what I thought was top of the line Jenn Air... The dishwasher was over $2,000 with taxes. It does a very poor job...cutlery is spotted with unknown gunk...plates are often still dirty and glasses are spotted (even though rinse agent is used). If dishes are not emptied almost immediately they mould...charming.

The final straw is that a few days ago the control panel on the top drawer felt hot to the touch. Further investigation revealed that it no longer works. I called for service and was told I was "lucky"...I called today (September 6th) and the one year warranty ended September 7th.

Lucky?????????? I beg to differ.
Given a choice I would choose another brand of dishwasher. I had hoped to redo the entire kitchen during an upcoming reno with all Jenn Air appliances. Not so sure now...

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