Kelvinator : Quite Clean I

by Christina I

I have a Kelvinator Quiet clean I. It was in the house that we are renting. Although it is apparent that it is a few years old, I have never had a dish washer work so well. I am so bad about not rinsing off the plates and flat ware after dinner, so when I throw them in the nest day I am always surprised to see that it has got them clean. When we move we will be buying one for the new house. I know that a couple of my friends have bought one off of eBay, and were very happy with it as well.

When we had little babies it was nice to put bottles in that maybe sat to long. You always know that every thing was washed in very hot water, as well as it was safe to put a little bleach in with your wash of dishes.

As a mom, knowing that you can easily sanitize not only the dishes that your family eats off of but also many of your children’s toys is a peace of mind.

I do have to say I love the plate warming ability. Its great for when you have the in-laws over and want to put a great dinner party on.

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May 18, 2016
Poor service NEW
by: Anonymous

So i bought a KD12MM1 dishwasher in November 2014 and loved it! We recently moved and it was pointed out to us that the machine is rusted inside. When I emailed Kalvinator they sent out someone to come and look at it. I then followed up a week later as I have not heard anything, only to be told that the guy's findings were that "it is only dirty and can be washed". So I sent them an email saying that the response is incorrect and I am not satisfied. The same guy then came out again and washed the dishwasher! Well, needless to say it is still rusted and apparently Kelvinator will do anything to get out of the guarantee. So I followed their advise and used it even though it is rusted. Wel, the machine stopped working halfway through the cycle and water started coming out the bottom of the machine, probably because the thing is rusted and the water is leaking out!

Mar 09, 2016
worst diswasher NEW
by: Anonymous

I have had 5 dish washers in my life time - and this is the worst ever - don't buy at all - The 2 year guarantee also means nothing.

Oct 19, 2015
Overpriced Garbage NEW
by: Anonymous

This machine is the worst anyone could ever buy. It takes about two hour to wash the dishes and they come out as dirty as when the got in, just worst because the dirt is cooked and stuck into place.

Unless you want to wash the dishes manualy before putting they in the dishwasher, do not buy.

Also, there is a huge design error with the soap compartement, is only works with liquid soap.

Feb 09, 2014
new kevinator dish washer not functionable NEW
by: ken

My new Kelvinator dish washer kd12 ww1 looks wonderful but is not.
The main problem is that the lower tray does not slide in nor out smoothly. This is due to very light weight gauge wire basket that is not cab able of carrying a full load of dishes. Also the fragile wheels are not able to keep the lower basket on course in the shallow recessed tracks resulting in the load collapsing onto the spray bar and motor. This is causing further damage to vital working parts on the appliance.
The agents are pussy footing around in addressing the proplem by insisting the a report must be compiled first. Meantime, I having to wash loads of dishes as I now own a dishwasher that is not designed to carry out the function it was made to perform.
Questions, why would Kelvinator compromise their brand by selling a flawed machine?
How did the dish washer get beyond the proto type design model?
Is this a good example of a grey or parrarlel import, meaning not the genuine article?

Dec 13, 2012
Kelvinator dishwasher
by: Georgia

I am totally disappointed in our new Kelvinator dishwasher... the dishes do not dry, there are drops of water on the shelving and door and on the bottom of the washer. I have it on heated drying to no avail. I would not recommend this dishwasher at all to anyone.

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